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Subcommittees, Caucus, Board, and Work Groups of the NTHMP

Updated August 26, 2019

Mapping and Modeling Subcommittee

The Mapping and Modeling Subcommitee brings together expertise on modeling and mapping of tsunami hazards. The MMS develops, standardizes, and improves tools that show how tsunamis could affect people and property. Examples of these tools, which are used for emergency and community planning, include tsunami inundation (flooding) and evacuation maps that show who and what is at risk.

Mapping and Modeling Subcommittee Documents and Meeting Notes

MMS Membership

Warning Coordination Subcommitee

Through the Waring Coordination Subcommittee, the NTHMP provides input to the operational U.S. Tsunami Warning System. Recommendations from the NTHMP help refine warning system messages, graphics, procedures, exercises, and dissemination systems so that warning system products are effective during a tsunami warning.

Warning Coordination Subcommittee Documents and Meeting Notes

WCS Membership

Mitigation and Education Subcommittee

The Mitigation and Education Subcommittee works to reduce tsunami impacts primarily through education and outreach that increase awareness and encourage preparedness. It also promotes and provides guidance on other risk reduction activities, such as evacuation planning and integration of tsunami risk into land-use policy and planning. And, it provides recommendations for NOAA's TsunamiReady Program, which encourages communities to prepare for tsunamis.

Mitigation and Education Subcommittee Documents and Meeting Notes

MES Membership

Mitigation & Recovery Planning Work Group

The NTHMP Mitigation & Recovery Planning Work Group was initially formed by action of the NTHMP Coordinating Committee on July 25, 2018, with confirmation of its scope and authority on August 23, 2019. This Work Group has defined its mission "to improve tsunami mitigation and recovery planning and coastal community resilience nationally."

More information: Mitigation & Recovery Planning Work Group

Island Caucus

The NTHMP Island Caucus was formed in February, 2016, as an informal way to share ideas and collaborate on tsunami issues unique to islands.

Island Caucus Information and Notes

TsuInfo Alert Editorial Board

The NTHMP TsuInfo Alert Editorial Board provides expertise and guidance to the Editor of the bimonthly NTHMP newsletter, TsuInfo Alert, produced for the NTHMP by the Washington Department of Natural Resources with financial assistance from NOAA/NWS. More information and membership of this Board is described here.

Task Groups

The NTHMP Coordinating Committee may authorize formation of short-term functional Task Groups that serve the NTHMP. The NTHMP Chair confirms or appoints Task Group members. More information and membership of NTHMP Task Groups is described here.

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