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NTHMP TsuInfo Alert Editorial Board

The NTHMP TsuInfo Alert Editorial Board was created and endorsed by the NTHMP Coordinating Committee in 2015.

The Editorial Board provides expert advice and guidance to the Editor of the NTHMP TsuInfo Alert newsletter. This newsletter is produced six times each year and distributed by email, mail, and the web. The State of Washington Department of Natural Resources is funding through NOAA/NWS Tsunami Activities Grants to pay for the services required to support this newsletter, including the services of an Editor.

This newsletter has been written and produced since January, 1999. The archive of these newsletters is here.

The duties of the NTHMP TsuInfo Alert Editorial Board include:

  • Recruit, write, and submit articles for this newsletter.
  • Provide links to articles, publications, and websites of interest to the tsunami community.
  • Review draft newsletter content and offer suggestions to improve the content, clarify language, and provide insightful guidance to adhere to publication standards and political neutrality.
  • Suggest edits to articles to improve readability and understanding of content (if too technical or can be stated more clearly and concisely.)
  • Test and review links to websites and articles when provided (to make sure they work, are accessible, and appropriate.)
  • Read and review newsletter draft(s) when presented in layout/pdf form before publication. Provide constructive feedback to the Editor.
  • Respond to requests by the Editor within a few business days.

The members of the NTHMP TsuInfo Alert Editorial Board are:

  • Ms. Christa von Hillebrandt-Andrade, Manager, NWS Caribbean Tsunami Warning Program (representing NTHMP Mitigation & Education Subcommittee)
  • Dr. Rocky Lopes, NTHMP Administrator
  • Mr. Brian Nieuwenhuis, Meteorologist, NWS Forecast Office, Medford, Oregon (representing NTHMP Warning Coordination Subcommittee)
  • Ms. Corina Forson, Washington Department of Natural Resources (representing agency funded to produce the newsletter)
  • Mr. Rick Wilson, Senior Engineer, California Geological Survey (representing NTHMP Mapping & Modeling Subcommittee)

The Editor is: Ms. Stephanie Earls. Contact Information here.

Anyone who has information relevant to tsunami science, mapping, modeling, mitigation, education, warning and alerts, or related content should contact the Editor regarding submission guidelines and schedule.




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