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CaRDS Report by Tier - Progress
Capabilities and Requirements Decision Support

CaRDS entries currently listed as Tier 2

Number Title
16-040 A Baseline Collaboration Tool for River Forecasting: Implementation of CHPS Clients at WFOs and Complementary Modification at Supporting RFC AWIPS/CHPS
17-022 NWS Nationally-Standardized Risk/Threat Information for Weather Hazards
18-002 Real-time Quality Control Tool for Marine Observations
18-006 Detection and Reporting of Wildfires in Real-Time
18-010 Request for the addition of “Vog” as an NWS term and weather element
18-022 Addressing AK Observation Gaps
18-024 Wind Speed and Wave Height probabilities for Extratropical and Tropical sources
18-025 Requirement for Ship Automatic Identification System (AIS) data to be displayed in AWIPS 2
18-026 Analysis and forecast guidance to support integrated (atmosphere/ocean/ice) environmental forecast services for high latitudes (Arctic, Antarctic), and Great Lakes ocean/ice areas.
18-027 NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) Service Outage Broadcast
18-028 Improved Mesoscale Analysis for NBM through Science-Based Enhancements to the Representation of Terrain Variation Effects
18-030 NWS Hazardous Weather Exposure Summary Tool
Total number: 12