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CaRDS Report by Tier - Progress
Capabilities and Requirements Decision Support

CaRDS entries currently listed as Soln

Number Title
16-003 LSR Database Sorting, Analysis and Reporting Tool
16-008 Products and Services in support of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and building a Weather-Ready Nation
16-020 Common National Capability for Forecast and Hazard Graphics Generation for Briefings, Webpages and Social Media
16-025 Improve Physics-Based Wave Height Guidance on Large Lakes
16-044 Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) Forecasts
17-004 Probabilistic Winter Precipitation Forecast Information at Weather Forecast Offices
17-005 Wave Prediction System for NWS Oceanic Gridded Domain
17-010 Common National Capability for Event Reviews, Case Studies and Displaying Experimental Datasets
17-012 NWS Public Storm-Reporting Application
17-021 NWS Standardized Local Storm Reporting Application and Format
17-024 AWIPS Climate Products Service Backup Capability
18-001 AWIPS Climate Data - Common data access
Total number: 12