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CaRDS Report by Tier - Progress
Capabilities and Requirements Decision Support

CaRDS entries currently listed as Done

Number Title
17-015 Experimental Extended TFM Convective Forecast (TCF)
16-012 Capability with Localized Specificity Needed to Provide Critical, Life-saving Information to the Public for Short-term, Highly Localized Extreme Weather Events
16-015 Experimental East Pacific Offshore Waters Forecast
16-016 Alaska Terminal Forecast Guidance (ATFG) Product
16-017 WPC Day 4-7 Outlook into NDFD
16-019 Aviation Weather Center (AWC) Experimental Impacts Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) Board
16-021 Winter and Water Resources Services Program Advisory and Watch Consolidation
17-001 One Hour Wave Height Guidance
16-029 Probabilistic Storm Surge Inundation Guidance
17-007 Aviation Surface Forecast and Aviation Cloud Forecast Graphics
Total number: 10