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CaRDS Report by Tier - Progress
Capabilities and Requirements Decision Support

CaRDS entries currently listed as Closed

Number Title
16-001 Visual and interactive collaboration tools
16-002 NWS on Instagram
16-009 Support requirement for improved Ceilometer Data
16-014 Tsunami Warning Polygons for Wireless Emergency Alerts
16-018 WFO Probabilistic Storm Total Snow Grids into NDFD
16-026 Common Web Design for Map-Based Graphic and Text Information
16-034 Using GFE and the NDFD to Generate and Display River Forecast Center Significant River Flood Outlook (SRFO) Product
16-038 NOAA Weather Radio Transformational Change (NWRTC) into Weather Information Mass Dissemination (WIMD)
17-002 NWS Warnings/Hazards Alert Text Message (WHATM)
17-003 Aviation Weather Center (AWC) Experimental Traffic Flow Management Convective Forecast (TCF)
17-006 Resources for Identification of Requirements, and subsequent activities, for NWS Weather Information Mass Dissemination (WIMD)
17-008 National Weather Service Partner Requirements for Public Facing NOAA Satellite Imagery Site in Support of IDSS
17-019 Assess feasibility of providing alternate observation elements when missing from ASOS/AWOS for commercial aviation
18-009 National Gridded Snowfall Analysis
18-017 RFC Multi-sensor Precipitation Estimate Archive
Total number: 15