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CaRDS Report by SPT
Capabilities and Requirements Decision Support

Report of all requests by Teams involved in Tier 2 evaluation and decision

Team(s) Number Title    Tier
Aviation 17-015 E Experimental Extended TFM Convective Forecast (TCF) Implemented / Operational
Aviation 16-007 FAA Boundaries for AWIPS2 Assigned: Development/Execution
Aviation, all SPTs not Tsunami & Space 16-009 Support requirement for improved Ceilometer Data Closed - Not Approved by AFS
Aviation 16-016 Alaska Terminal Forecast Guidance (ATFG) Product Implemented / Operational
Aviation 16-019 E Aviation Weather Center (AWC) Experimental Impacts Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) Board Implemented / Operational
Aviation, Social Science 16-043 National Wind Compression Tool to Support the NAS Approved Experimental by AFS
Aviation, PSCM 17-003 Aviation Weather Center (AWC) Experimental Traffic Flow Management Convective Forecast (TCF) Closed, Withdrawn by Originator
Aviation 17-007 Aviation Surface Forecast and Aviation Cloud Forecast Graphics Implemented / Operational
Aviation 17-019 Assess feasibility of providing alternate observation elements when missing from ASOS/AWOS for commercial aviation Closed, Withdrawn by Originator
Aviation 18-014 E Graphical Forecasts for Aviation Expansion to the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and Atlantic Ocean Redirected to 10-102
Aviation 19-002 E Alaskan Aviation Guidance (AAG) Redirected to 10-102

Climate 16-010 Precipitation and Temperature Return Frequency Forecast Tool Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Aviation,Severe wx, Winter wx, Climate, Water Resources, Public 17-023 Separation of Hail-Snow Measurement Reporting for Climate Record Awaiting PIC (OaVR) Meeting
Climate 17-024 AWIPS Climate Products Service Backup Capability Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Climate 18-001 AWIPS Climate Data - Common data access Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification

Fire Wx,Severe WX, IDSS, Public, Tropical, Marine, Winter, Water 16-027 Spot Forecast Monitoring Tool Validated by AFS, Soln. Dev. Required
Fire Wx 16-031 Fire Weather Threat Matrix Validated by AFS, Approved Soln/Implement
Fire Wx, Public, PSCM, Social Science 16-042 National Expansion of 7-day NFDRS Forecast Awaiting PIC (OaVR) Meeting
Fire 18-006 Detection and Reporting of Wildfires in Real-Time Tier 2 - Under SPT Review
Fire Wx 18-031 Probabilistic Significant Wildfire Potential Outlooks Tier 1 - Initial Entry

Marine 16-015 E Experimental East Pacific Offshore Waters Forecast Implemented / Operational
Marine Weather, Public Weather 17-001 One Hour Wave Height Guidance Validated by MDC, Implementation Approved
Marine, Water Resources, Tropical, PSCM 16-035 Total Water Level and Inundation Guidance, Service, and Product Improvements ON Hold: Eliciting Requirements
Marine, Water Resources, Public 16-036 Probabilistic Rip Current Guidance and Product Improvements Assigned: Development/Execution
Marine, Tropical, IDSS, National Blend of Models 17-005 Wave Prediction System for NWS Oceanic Gridded Domain Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Marine 17-016 E Marine Services Program Product Consolidation Redirected to 10-102
Marine 18-002 Real-time Quality Control Tool for Marine Observations Tier 2 - Under SPT Review
Marine 19-001 E Nearshore Wave Prediction System (NWPS) Model Viewer Redirected to 10-102
Aviation, Tropical, Marine 18-024 Wind Speed and Wave Height probabilities for Extratropical and Tropical sources Tier 2 - Under SPT Review
Marine 18-025 Requirement for Ship Automatic Identification System (AIS) data to be displayed in AWIPS 2 Tier 2 - Under SPT Review
Aviation, Public, Climate, Severe, Water Resources, 18-026 Analysis and forecast guidance to support integrated (atmosphere/ocean/ice) environmental forecast services for high latitudes (Arctic, Antarctic), and Great Lakes ocean/ice areas. Tier 2 - Under SPT Review

IDSS , Aviation 16-001 Visual and interactive collaboration tools Closed - Not Approved by AFS
LEP Team - Cross agency including all NSPs 16-008 Products and Services in support of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and building a Weather-Ready Nation Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Overarching, Public, Severe, Tropical, Marine, Winter, Water, 16-023 Prototype Display for Consistent Colors and Gradients across all Hazard Types ON Hold: Eliciting Requirements
Overarching 16-024 Polygon Data for All NWS Alerts Assigned: Development/Execution
IDSS (Lead), All SPT and CPT Teams 16-039 National Weather Service Collaboration Requirements Awaiting PIC (OaVR) Meeting
Overarching 17-006 Resources for Identification of Requirements, and subsequent activities, for NWS Weather Information Mass Dissemination (WIMD) Closed, Withdrawn by Originator
IDSS, PSCM 17-008 National Weather Service Partner Requirements for Public Facing NOAA Satellite Imagery Site in Support of IDSS Closed: Documented, NWS Implementation Not Applicable
National Blend of Models 17-009 NWS Common Operating Picture: Enhanced Digital Services ON Hold: Eliciting Requirements
Tropical, Public, Severe, Winter, Fire, Marine, Tropical, Water, Climate, Space, Aviation, Tsunami, ALL CPTs 17-017 AWIPS Product Test Environment Capable of Multi-Office/Center Digital Collaboration Tier 4 - Awaiting MDC Review
Severe Wx (lead), Winter Wx, Tropical, Public, IDSS, IC, NBM, Marine, Fire Wx, Water Resources 18-003 E Hazardous Weather Outlook (HWO) through Hazards Simplification Redirected to 10-102
Overarching 18-015 NWS dissemination of Blue Alerts Assigned: Development/Execution
Overarching 18-019 E Provision of Thresholds capability for Impact-Based Decision Support Services (IDSS) Redirected to 10-102
Overarching, Aviation, Climate, Fire Wx, Marine, Public, Severe, Tropical, Water, Winter 18-022 Addressing AK Observation Gaps Tier 2 - Under SPT Review
Overarching 18-028 Improved Mesoscale Analysis for NBM through Science-Based Enhancements to the Representation of Terrain Variation Effects Tier 2 - Under SPT Review
Overarching 18-032 Incorporate Partial County Warnings for NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) and the Emergency Alert System (EAS) into the AWIPS baseline Tier 2 - Under SPT Review

Public Wx 16-002 E NWS on Instagram PSCM: Discontinue - Closed
Public Wx, IDSS 16-005 A Nationally Consistent, Science-based Approach to Identify Potentially Dangerous Heat Events Assigned: Development/Execution
Public, Winter 16-012 Capability with Localized Specificity Needed to Provide Critical, Life-saving Information to the Public for Short-term, Highly Localized Extreme Weather Events Implemented / Operational
Public, Severe, Tropical, IDSS, Winter, Fire, IC 16-020 Common National Capability for Forecast and Hazard Graphics Generation for Briefings, Webpages and Social Media Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Public Wx 16-022 National Weather Service Use of Live-streaming Services Approved Experimental by AFS
Overarching 16-026 Common Web Design for Map-Based Graphic and Text Information Closed, Withdrawn by Originator
Public Wx, Aviation Wx, Marine Wx, Tropical Wx, Tsunami, Space Wx, Severe Wx, Fire Wx, Winter Wx, Climate, Water Resources 16-037 NWS Interactive Web-Based Map Assigned: Development/Execution
Public Wx, Fire, Marine, Severe, Tropical, Winter, Water, Space, Tsunami, Social Science 16-038 NOAA Weather Radio Transformational Change (NWRTC) into Weather Information Mass Dissemination (WIMD) Closed, Withdrawn by Originator
Public Wx, Water, Winter, National Blend of Models, Impacts Catalog, Social Science 16-041 Use of Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Information at Weather Forecast Offices Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Public Wx 16-044 Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) Forecasts Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Public Wx 17-002 NWS Warnings/Hazards Alert Text Message (WHATM) Closed, Withdrawn by Originator
Public Wx 17-010 Common National Capability for Event Reviews, Case Studies and Displaying Experimental Datasets Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Tropical Weather, WRSB 17-018 E Experimental Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Redirected to 10-102
Public Wx, Primary 18-005 E Proposed Consolidation and Reformatting of Non-Precipitation Weather Products Redirected to 10-102
Public Wx 18-010 Request for the addition of “Vog” as an NWS term and weather element Tier 2 - Under SPT Review
Public Wx 18-020 E WPC Medium Range Weather-type in Maps Redirected to 10-102
Overarching, Public, Severe, Tropical, Tsunami, Marine, Fire weather, Water Resources 18-027 NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) Service Outage Broadcast Awaiting PIC (OaVR) Meeting

Severe Wx 16-003 LSR Database Sorting, Analysis and Reporting Tool Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Severe Wx, Water Resources, Tropical Wx, Winter Wx, Public Wx, Marine Wx, 16-033 Probabilistic Guidance on High Impact Hazards Assigned: Development/Execution
Severe Wx 17-012 NWS Public Storm-Reporting Application Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Aviation,Fire Weather,Marine,Severe Weather (Lead), Tropical 17-020 Refined Operations Process for Convective Watches Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Fire Weather, Marine,Severe Weather (Lead),Winter Weather, Water Resources, Public,Tropical,Tsunami 17-021 NWS Standardized Local Storm Reporting Application and Format Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Unassigned 17-022 NWS Nationally-Standardized Risk/Threat Information for Weather Hazards Tier 2 - Under SPT Review
Severe, IDSS, IMS, Public, Water Resources 18-030 NWS Hazardous Weather Exposure Summary Tool Tier 2 - Under SPT Review

Tropical, Marine, Public, Water 16-029 Probabilistic Storm Surge Inundation Guidance Approved Experimental by AFS (MDC/PIC for Final Soln)
Tropical, Fire, Severe, Public, Marine, Water, IDSS 16-030 Improved Decision Support Services for Tropical Cyclones in Pacific and Western Regions Assigned: Development/Execution
Tropical 18-007 E TOA base data of Tropical Storm-Force Wind Graphics Redirected to 10-102
Tropical 18-013 E Tropical Cyclone Track Graphics for the South Pacific Redirected to 10-102
Tropical, Severe, Marine, Tsunami 18-021 E 360 Character Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) Messages Redirected to 10-102

Tsunami 17-014 Standardized Local WFO Tsunami Warning Broadcast and EAS Activation Assigned: Development/Execution
Tsunami 16-014 Tsunami Warning Polygons for Wireless Emergency Alerts Closed, Withdrawn by Originator

Ecological Forecasting 18-016 E Lake Erie Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB) Redirected to 10-102

Water Resources 16-004 Provision of the Capability to View Observed 48, 72 Hour and Weekly Rainfall Totals for a County Warning Area Redirected to 10-102
Water Resources 16-006 E View Output from the National Water Model - Water Information Interface Webpage) Approved Experimental by AFS
Water Resources 16-011 Provision of Information on Post Wildfire Hazards Assigned: Development/Execution
Water Resources 16-013 Develop a Nationally Consistent QPF Verification Service for the National Weather Service Assigned: Development/Execution
Water Resources 16-025 Improve Physics-Based Wave Height Guidance on Large Lakes Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Water Resources 16-032 National Observed Forcing Needs for the NWS Water Program Assigned: Development/Execution
Water Resources 16-034 Using GFE and the NDFD to Generate and Display River Forecast Center Significant River Flood Outlook (SRFO) Product Closed, Withdrawn by Originator
Water Resources 16-040 A Baseline Access to River Forecast Center Community Hydrologic Prediction System (CHPS) at Weather Forecast Offices Tier 2 (returned from Tier3 for rework)
Water Resources, Marine 18-011 E Proposed Consolidation and Reformatting of NWS Flooding Hazard Messaging Products Redirected to 10-102
Water Resources 17-011 E Need for Hourly Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimate Service Redirected to 10-102
Water Resources 17-013 E Experimental Extreme Precipitation Monitor Redirected to 10-102
Water Resources 18-017 RFC Multi-sensor Precipitation Estimate Archive Closed
Water Resources 18-018 Expand availability of USGS Data Assigned: Development/Execution

Winter Wx, IDSS 16-017 E WPC Day 4-7 Outlook into NDFD Implemented / Operational
Marine, IDSS 16-018 WFO Probabilistic Storm Total Snow Grids into NDFD Closed, Withdrawn by Originator
Winter Wx, Water Resources 16-021 E Winter and Water Resources Services Program Advisory and Watch Consolidation Validated by AFS, Approved Soln/Implement
Winter Wx 16-028 E Winter Storm Severity Index (WSSI) Redirected to 10-102
Winter Wx 17-004 Probabilistic Winter Precipitation Forecast Information at Weather Forecast Offices Assigned:Soln. Alternatives/Investment Justification
Winter Wx, IDSS 18-004 E Snow Level Grids in the National Digital Forecast Database Redirected to 10-102
Winter Wx 18-008 E Proposed Consolidation Winter Weather Warnings, adding Impacts Bullet to Reformatted Products Redirected to 10-102
Winter Wx 18-009 National Gridded Snowfall Analysis Closed
Winter Wx 18-012 E Provision of Avalanche Information Redirected to 10-102
Winter Wx 18-023 E Experimental NDFD Probabilistic Snow Grid Redirected to 10-102
Winter Wx 18-029 E Probabilistic Flood Outlook Summary (PFOS) Redirected to 10-102
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Total number of requests: 102