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Number / Title: 18-020E:  WPC Medium Range Weather-type in Maps


The current versions of these maps only depict surface pressure and frontal positions for each day, and thus can not answer whether rain, snow, ice or thunderstorms are associated with the storms and fronts. This is a critical DSS gap. The experimental versions will add color-filled areas depicting the forecast weather-type for each day, from Day 3 through Day 7. This change will promote a seamless transition from the weather maps and weather-type depicted for Days 1 and 2 and visually support decision support for the days 3-7 time-frame.

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Originator: Greg Carbin Office: NWS/NCEP/WPC  
Submitter: David Novak Office: W/NP31
SUBMITTER COMMENTS:  From July 5, 2017 email from Wendy Levine: "To get these graphics into 10-102 please fill out the Experimental Product (10-102) Request form under the "Templates" tab on the CaRDS webpage - . Please note that this will not be going through the CaRDS process. We just use the same interface to manage information for 10-102."
Analyst: Wendy Levine Date Entered: 2018-07-06
Primary SPT: Public Wx Team Lead: Andy Horvitz
All Teams Reviewing: Public Wx
Status: Redirected to 10-102 Submitter Priority: Moderate

Decision / Status information
Tier   Date Disposition / Status
Tier 1 - Designated Submitter 2018-07-06 Approved
Tier 2 - Service Program Team Review - - - -
Tier 3 - AFS Director Review - - - -
Tier 4 - MDC Validation - - - -
Exec Council Validation (If Transformational)  

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Mission Need or Requirement Request 18-020_10-102_EntryForm_WPC-Weather-Type.pdf
Validation Decision Information Document
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