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Number / Title: 16-037:  NWS Interactive Web-Based Map
Originator: Kari Sheets Office: NWS/DIS/IDP  
Submitter: Michelle Mainelli. M Office: W/DIS
Analyst: - - - - - - - Date Entered: 2016-11-18
Primary SPT: Public Wx Team Lead: Andrw Horvitz
All Teams Reviewing: Public Wx, Aviation Wx, Marine Wx, Tropical Wx, Tsunami, Space Wx, Severe Wx, Fire Wx, Winter Wx, Climate, Water Resources
Status: Assigned: Development/Execution Submitter Priority: High

Decision / Status information
Tier   Date Disposition / Status
Tier 1 - Designated Submitter 2016-11-18 Approved
Tier 2 - Service Program Team Review2017-06-15 Approved by SPT
Tier 3 - AFS Director Review 2017-07-21 Approve and Schedule for MDC
Tier 3 Notes:  Extremely important initiative- should satisfy several individual CaRDS submissions and promote consistency and efficiency. Recommend Virtual MDC to vote on requirement, not solution.
Tier 4 - MDC Validation 2017-11-13 MDC has Validated the requirement
Exec Council Validation (If Transformational)  

PIC related details
Date Disposition / Status : Initial meeting
2018-01-26 Assigned to DIS for development
PIC Notes:
Portfolio/Dev. org and Development Status:  
Date Disposition / Status : Latest meeting (if addressed more than once)
2018-07-20 Work Approved - on going.
PIC Notes:The GIS Development team has prioritized the validated technical and functional requirements. The team is reviewing the creation of new GIS map presentation layers and researching NWS WWA polygon creation processes and have been working on re-engineering WWA services based on that research. Once the GIS Framework and basic functionality has been designed, the approach and framework design will be presented to the PIC.[Need FY19 milestone]

Available Documents
Document Type Document Link
Mission Need or Requirement Request 16-037_CaRDS NWS Interactive Web Based Map DISS 11182016.pdf
Validation Decision Information Document
Investment Justification
Products Catalog Link (Experimental or approved Operational)