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Number / Title: 16-013:  Develop a Nationally Consistent QPF Verification Service for the National Weather Service


Provides standardized NWS QPF verification service including a united precipitation analysis and encompasses deterministic, probabilistic, and object-oriented verification techniques. QPF verification platform that supports both meteorological and hydrological forecasting requirements, and meets the needs of WFOs, RFCs, National Centers, NWS Program Managers, and NWS partners and stakeholders.

Originator: Victor Stegemiller Office: NWRFC  
Submitter: Carlos Diaz Office: w/AFS13
SUBMITTER COMMENTS: Submitted by C.Diaz on behalf of Mary Mulllusky
Analyst: Carlos Diaz Date Entered: 2016-04-27
Primary SPT: Water Resources Team Lead: Mary Mullusky
All Teams Reviewing: Water Resources
Status: Assigned: Development/Execution Submitter Priority: Moderate
Notes:Request updated to detail Gaps and high level requirements / use cases

Decision / Status information
Tier   Date Disposition / Status
Tier 1 - Designated Submitter 2016-04-27 Approved
Tier 2 - Service Program Team Review2016-04-28 Approved by SPT
Tier 2 Notes:  Approved by all voting members
Tier 3 - AFS Director Review 2016-05-12 Approved by AFS - Tier 3
Tier 3 Notes:  Originally Scheduled for MDC meeting on 6/13/2016. Request modified to include details on gaps and high level requirements.
Tier 4 - MDC Validation 2016-11-14 Validated by MDC
Exec Council Validation (If Transformational)  

PIC related details
Date Disposition / Status : Initial meeting
2017-02-03 Assigned to STI for Solution Analysts, FY-18 AOP
PIC Notes:Assigned to MDL for Development - 9/2017
Portfolio/Dev. org and Development Status:  STI/MDL - Under Development
Date Disposition / Status : Latest meeting (if addressed more than once)
PIC Notes:

Available Documents
Document Type Document Link
Mission Need or Requirement Request 16-013_MissionNeedOrRequirement_QPF_V2.docx
Validation Decision Information Document 16-013_ValidationDecisionInformation_QPF.docx
Investment Justification
Other-1: Presentation to MDC 16-013 QPFVS Presentation-MDC June 2016v3.pptx
Other-2 Requirements Table 16-013_QPFVerifRequirementsTablev1.0.docx
Other-3 Use Cases 16-013_QPF_UseCases.docx
Other-4 MDC Meeting Notes
Products Catalog Link (Experimental or approved Operational)