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Number / Title: 16-012:  Capability with Localized Specificity Needed to Provide Critical, Life-saving Information to the Public for Short-term, Highly Localized Extreme Weather Events


Capability to issue polygon-based warnings for short-fused, highly localized events such as dust storms, snow squalls.

Originator: Duane Carpenter Office: w/AFS21  
Submitter: Elliott Jacks Office: w/AFS21
SUBMITTER COMMENTS: This submission is to support development of a capability to issue polygon-based warnings for short-fused, highly localized events such as dust storms, lake effect snow and squall squalls. No such capability currently exists. This capability would be of great benefit to forecasters and partners to better protect the public for these types of events. This proposal falls within the purview of the Hazard Simplification project.
Analyst: Carlos Diaz Date Entered: 2016-04-20
Primary SPT: Public Wx Team Lead: Andy Horvitz
All Teams Reviewing: Public, Winter
Status: Implemented / Operational Submitter Priority: Moderate

Decision / Status information
Tier   Date Disposition / Status
Tier 1 - Designated Submitter 2016-04-20 Approved
Tier 2 - Service Program Team Review2016-06-16 Approved
Tier 3 - AFS Director Review 2016-07-06 Approved
Tier 3 Notes:  Referred to MDc
Tier 4 - MDC Validation 2016-07-25 Approved
Tier 4 Notes:  Referred to the PIC
Exec Council Validation (If Transformational)  

PIC related details
Date Disposition / Status : Initial meeting
2017-02-03 Assigned to Central Processing to continue implementation.
PIC Notes:
Portfolio/Dev. org and Development Status:  CP+DIS/SDB development in progress
Date Disposition / Status : Latest meeting (if addressed more than once)
PIC Notes:

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Document Type Document Link
Mission Need or Requirement Request 16-012_Mission_ Request_ Doc.docx
Validation Decision Information Document 16-012_Signed_VDI.pdf
Investment Justification
Other-1: Conops 16-012_CONOPS_ORD Template 022215.doc
Other-2 Lifecycle
Other-3 Format
Products Catalog Link (Experimental or approved Operational)