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Number / Title: 16-007:  FAA Boundaries for AWIPS2


Ability to update FAA boundaries (FAA aeronautical information) in AWIPS2 map backgrounds based on FAA 56 day NASR schedule.

Originator: Mark Zettlemoyer Office: W/AFS24  
Submitter: William Bauman Office: W/AFS24
Analyst: Carlos Diaz Date Entered: 2016-03-25
Primary SPT: Aviation Team Lead: William Bauman
All Teams Reviewing: Aviation
Status: Assigned: Development/Execution Submitter Priority: Moderate

Decision / Status information
Tier   Date Disposition / Status
Tier 1 - Designated Submitter 2016-03-25 Approved
Tier 2 - Service Program Team Review2016-07-05 Approved by Aviation SPT
Tier 2 Notes:  Approved by SPT, forwarded to AFS (8/1/16)
Tier 3 - AFS Director Review 2016-08-26 Validated by AFS
Tier 3 Notes:  AFS coordinating efforts with CP.
Tier 4 - MDC Validation - - - -
Exec Council Validation (If Transformational)  

PIC related details
Date Disposition / Status : Initial meeting
PIC Notes:
Portfolio/Dev. org and Development Status:  AFS coordinating with CP
Date Disposition / Status : Latest meeting (if addressed more than once)
PIC Notes:

Available Documents
Document Type Document Link
Mission Need or Requirement Request 16-007_Request-Task35_FAA_boundariesFinal.docx
Validation Decision Information Document 16-007_VDI_FAA_Boundaries.docx
Investment Justification
Products Catalog Link (Experimental or approved Operational)