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NTHMP Work Groups

The NTHMP Rules of Procedure provide for the Chair to appoint people to serve on short-term work groups that address issues related to NTHMP operations and functions.

NTHMP Work Groups are task-focused and operate for short-term projects and activities. Usually, the performance period for a Work Group is a few months, but may extend up to one year, when it automatically sunsets (unless the NTHMP Coordinating Committee reauthorizes it to continue for up to another 12 months.)

NTHMP Work Groups have been formed for activities like writing and revising the NTHMP Strategic Plan, reviewing grant allowable activities, developing the agenda for the NTHMP Annual Meeting, and other projects.

NTHMP Work Groups include:

  • Allowable Activities Work Group -- authorized July 25, 2018
  • Members appointed by the NTHMP Chair:

    - Jon Allan, Oregon, representing Mapping & Modeling Subcommittee
    - Dan Belanger, Alaska, representing Warning Coordination Subcommittee
    - Leo Espia, Guam, representing Mitigation & Education Subcommittee
    - Rocky Lopes, NTHMP Administrator, facilitator

    Purpose: review and suggest updates to the list of activities for which NTHMP partners may include in grant requests to the NOAA/NWS Tsunami Activities Grants Program.

  • NTHMP Subcommittee Restructuring Work Group -- authorized July 25, 2018
  • Members appointed by the NTHMP Chair:

    - Tamra Biasco, FEMA Region 10
    - Leo Espia, Guam Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
    - Corina Forson, Washington Department of Natural Resources
    - Kevin Miller, California Office of Emergency Services
    - Althea Rizzo, Oregon Emergency Management
    - Chayne Sparagowski, Dekalb County GA Emergency Management
    - Rocky Lopes, NTHMP Administrator, facilitator

    Purpose: to write a paper on NTHMP Subcommittee restructuring for discussion at the NTHMP Coordinating Committee to be held during the NTHMP Annual Meeting in February, 2019.




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