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NTHMP Work Groups

Page updated April 10, 2019

The NTHMP Rules of Procedure provide for the Chair to appoint people to serve on short-term work groups that address issues related to NTHMP operations and functions.

NTHMP Work Groups are task-focused and operate for short-term projects and activities. Usually, the performance period for a Work Group is a few months, but may extend up to one year, when it automatically sunsets (unless the NTHMP Coordinating Committee reauthorizes it to continue for up to another 12 months.)

NTHMP Work Groups have been formed for activities like writing and revising the NTHMP Strategic Plan, reviewing grant allowable activities, developing the agenda for the NTHMP Annual Meeting, and other projects.

NTHMP Work Groups include:

  • Mitigation & Recovery Work Group -- authorized July 25, 2018
  • Members may come from the Mitigation & Education Subcommittee and Mapping & Modeling Subcommittee. No leadership appointed. This "working group" is within purview of the Mitigation & Education Subcommittee.

    Purpose: to foster collaboration on these matters.

    Work Group authorization expires July 24, 2019, unless NTHMP Coordinating Committee reauthorizes continuation.

  • NTHMP Gap Analysis Work Group -- authorized February 1, 2019
  • Members appointed by the NTHMP Chair:

    - Jon Allan, Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries -- Lead
    - Maximilian Dixon, Washington Emergency Management Division
    - Chip Guard, Guam Forecast Office, NWS
    - Yvette LaDuke, California Office of Emergency Services
    - Denise Lewis, Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency
    - Kevin Richards, Hawaii Emergency Management Agency
    - Dmitry Nicolsky, University of Alaska at Fairbanks
    - Rocky Lopes, NTHMP Administrator, ex-officio

    Purpose: to review a gap analysis regarding the status of where partners are regarding tsunami preparation. Review different draft versions that document elements of individual state & territory tsunami preparations status. Make recommendations for how this information will be made available to NTHMP partners and which parts of the information may be made available more widely.

    Outcome: recommendations to NTHMP Coordinating Committee on a gap analysis no later than one year from data of authorization of this Work Group.

    Work Group Notes and Outcomes

  • NTHMP Annual Meeting Planning Group -- authorized March 12, 2019; work completed April 3, 2019
  • Members appointed by the NTHMP Chair:

    - Jon Allan, Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries
    - Victor Huerfano, Puerto Rico Seismic Network
    - Kevin Richards, Hawaii Emergency Management Agency
    - Stephanie Ross, U.S. Geological Survey
    - Rocky Lopes, NTHMP Administrator -- Lead

    Purpose: to develop an overall plan for the week's meetings and develop agendas for topical workshops and the general meeting.

    Outcomes: 1) week's meeting schedule; 2) topical workshop sessions and schedule; 3) general session topics and agenda.

    Completed output here.




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