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Tsunami Wireless Emergency Alert Messages

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) for Tsunami Warnings have been enabled since June, 2015.

In 2018, the National Weather Service initiated actions to prepare for enhanced WEA messaging -- a requirement from the Federal Communications Commission was ordered to be implemented in May, 2019, to enable longer (up to 360 character) messages in both English and Spanish.

The NWS Tsunami Program Deputy, Rocky Lopes, facilitated numerous calls and meetings with stakeholders, engaged prominent social scientist Dennis Mileti, and together, prepared a consensus-based suite of tsunami WEA messages that meet the FCC requirement.

Notes from the calls and discussions are archived below.

Summary: the approved "WEA 2.0" messages are:

  • Long Messages
    • English: The National Weather Service has issued a TSUNAMI WARNING. A series of powerful waves and strong currents may impact coasts near you. You are in danger. Get away from coastal waters. Move to high ground or inland now. Keep away from the coast until local officials say it is safe to return.
    • Spanish, unaccented: El Servicio Nacional de Meteorologia ha emitido un AVISO DE TSUNAMI. Olas y corrientes fuertes pueden afectar costas cercanas. Su vida esta en peligro. Alejarse de aguas costeras. Moverse ahora a un lugar alto o tierra adentro. Mantenerse alejado hasta que las autoridades locales indiquen que es seguro regresar.
  • Short Messages
  • Note: short messages default on 3G networks. Long messages only work on 4G or higher networks.

    • English: NWS: Tsunami danger on the coast. Move to high ground or inland now.
    • Spanish: SNM: Peligro de tsunami. Vaya a un lugar alto o tierra adentro ahora.

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