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Tsunami Warning, Education, and Research Act of 2017

Page updated November 9, 2020

This page provides updates and information about TWERA as it applies to the NTHMP.

This legislation was signed into Law by the President on April 18, 2017. It was appended to a larger bill, the Weather Research & Forecast Innovation Act of 2017. Both pieces of legislation are known collectively as Public Law 115-25.

Forms of the legislation

1. U.S.C. Title 33, Chapter 45, Tsunami Warning and Education   TWERA as codified in Public Law (United States Code)

2. Tsunami Warning, Education, and Research Act of 2017  Readable version/mark-up to identify changes, deletions, and additions to what this legislation has become.

3. Actual legislation:  TWERA Amendment to Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of 2017

4. Complete bill:  Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of 2017

Congressional Research Service Comparison of TWEA (2007) and TWERA (2017)

The U.S. Tsunami Program Reauthorization in P.L. 115-25: Section-by-Section Comparison to P.L. 109-479, Title VIII

Documents where language from TWERA has been implemented

1. 2018 - 2023 NTHMP Strategic Plan  (February 2018)

2. FY18 NTHMP Grant Guidance  (November 2017)

3. Allowable Activities for NOAA/NWS Grants  (November 2017)

4. Grant Application Process for Local Governments and Tribes  (July 2017)

5. NTHMP Rules of Procedure (akin to By-Laws)  (February 2018)

6. NTHMP Subcommittee Terms of Reference (akin to Subcommittee By-Laws)

Reference: Tsunami Warning and Education Act of 2007 (TWEA)

Public Law 109-479 January 12, 2007 (amendment to Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act)

Questions?   Contact Ian Sears, NTHMP Administrator:, phone 301.427.9022

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