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2019 NTHMP Annual Meetings
August 19 - 23, 2019

Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building
125 State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84138

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Meeting Information

In-person meetings of all NTHMP entities--

  • Mitigation & Education Subcommittee (MES)
  • Mapping & Modeling Subcommittee (MMS)
  • Warning Coordination Subcommittee (WCS)
  • Island Caucus
  • All partners -- including U.S. states, territories, Federal agency collaborators, and others, including Canada, BVI, etc.
  • Governance: Coordinating Committee

Week's Schedule

Note: all meetings will be in Room 5007 of the Bennett Federal Building unless otherwise indicated.
August 19
August 20
August 21
August 22
August 23
Dr. Grant Cooper
& Mike Angove
8:00 - 8:30

MES Meeting
--- OR ---
MMS Meeting
Room 2404

Island Caucus
Data Mgmt
Plan w/NOAA
Grants Mgmt

Info Exchange
9:00 - 9:50

WCS Meeting
10:00 - 2:50

Tsunami Advisory
3:00 - 5:00
Keynote address
Marty Shaub, CEM®
Int'l Association of
Emergency Managers-USA
8:00 - 8:45

Dialogue (cont)


1:00 - 5:00

See Docs
No after-
Dinner on
your own
Dinner on
your own
Group Dinner!
All Welcome
Red Rock
Brewing Co.

(Pay on your own)
Dinner on
your own
Safe return travels!

Marty Shaub

Keynote Speaker

We are pleased to have Marty Shaub, CEM®, President of the International Association of Emergency Managers (USA Council) to be our keynote speaker. Ms. Shaub is director of occupational and environmental health and safety at the University of Utah.

The keynote presentation on Wednesday morning, August 21, is about Being Strategic In Using Your Strategic Plan. Ms. Shaub has a lot of experience in strategic planning, and led the development, implementation, and evaluation of the IAEM Strategic Plan.

Who Should Come? Who is Invited?

The meetings of NTHMP subcommittees, Island Caucus, topical workshops, general meeting, and partner's sharing session planned for Monday through Thursday morning are open to anyone with an interest in tsunamis. "Anyone" includes:

  • NWS Meteorologists-In-Charge, Warning Coordination Meteorologists, Tsunami Focal Points, Senior and Lead Meteorologists
  • Staff from NOAA Line Offices, Regional Offices of the NWS, FEMA, and other agencies
  • Modelers, physical scientists, oceanographers, university faculty, and other professionals
  • Emergency Managers and staff from state, territory, and localities with ocean coastlines
  • Members-at-large of NTHMP Subcommittees
  • Local officials -- fire service, law enforcement, and allied fields
  • Native American Tribal leaders and public safety staff from areas with ocean coastlines
  • Elected officials and staff from their offices
  • Colleagues from other countries, especially Canada and the British Virgin Islands

The members of the NTHMP Coordinating Committee are expected to attend these open sessions (and lead some of them), but are also expected to attend a discussion on NTHMP Subcommittee structure on Thursday afternoon. Official primary appointees of the Coordinating Committee are also expected to attend the full Coordinating Committee meeting on Friday morning.

Who pays for travel?

Travel funding from the NWS Headquarters is limited to certain NOAA and FEMA employees who are leaders of the NTHMP. Any other NOAA or FEMA employees are welcome provided they get travel funding from their sponsoring Financial Management Center (FMC), such as a NWS or FEMA Region.

Funding for travel on grants is limited to what the grant award designated. Grant-funded travel may not be used to support an employee of any Federal agency, including the National Weather Service, FEMA, or USGS, or international travel.

Self-funded travelers are welcome. There is no registration fee for this meeting -- only costs of airfare, hotel, meals, and incidentals. Those costs in Salt Lake City are exceptionally low compared with going rates elsewhere (where available.)

Travel Planning

The schedule for the week's meetings suggests the following for travel planning:

  • Meetings open to anyone will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning, August 19 - 22: Everyone is invited to stay through Thursday at noon. Those who are not U.S. NTHMP partners may choose to return on flights that depart SLC after 1:30pm MDT on Thursday.

  • Meeting open to NTHMP "regulars" (including grant-funded staff): Thursday, August 22 afternoon for an internal NTHMP discussion on subcommittee structure. Those not staying for the NTHMP Coordinating Committee meeting may choose to return on flights that depart SLC after 7pm on Thursday, or stay overnight and return the next morning.

  • Meeting open only to appointed members (and approved guests) of the NTHMP Coordinating Committee: Friday, August 23, 8:00am to 11:00am. For travel planning purposes, CC members may choose departing flights that leave SLC after 1:30pm MDT on Friday.


While everyone is welcome, all attendees must register in advance through this on-line form. Due to tight Federal Building Security requirements, all attendees must be pre-registered and have their name on a list at the security station of the building where we are meeting.

If the on-line registration link is blocked or doesn't work for you, please contact to let him know you intend to attend, which meetings you intend to join, dates of arrival, and dates of departure.

If you have to cancel planned attendance, please notify Rocky Lopes via email so he can remove your name from the list of attendees that will be left with the building guard. Thank you.

Hotel Information

The room block has been released. You may call the hotel directly (801-961-8700) to inquire about a room which may be available at prevailing rates. Most meeting attendees are staying at:

Marriott City Center Hotel
220 State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 961-8700

This hotel is a 3-block walk to the meeting venue, and there are several restaurants within walking distance.

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation is easy and inexpensive. At the airport, go to the light rail (TRAX) station. Buy a one-way pass for $2.50. Get on the Green Line (only choice). Exit at the Gallivan Plaza Station. Walk 1/2 block north along Main Street to E 200 S, turn right, walk one block, and the hotel is on the right on State Street.



Homework and Read-Ahead Materials

Applies to Document
MES TsunamiReady Guidelines
MES NWS TsunamiReady Directive
MMS MMS 2019 Annual Work Plan
Link to documents


See who has confirmed attendance

Building Security

All attendees will need to show a Government-issued photo identification, such as a CAC, Driver's License, U.S. military ID, or passport. If your driver's license does not meet Real ID Act requirements, bring a passport. Backpacks and other large items will be scanned through an x-ray and attendees will go through a magnetometer.

Non-U.S. citizens must bring their passport to show to building security for entrance. Since the Coordinating Committee meeting on Friday will be in NOAA-controlled space, Foreign National Visitor clearance is required in advance (only for NOAA-controlled space -- not for other meeting spaces on Monday through Thursday). Please contact Rocky if you need to secure this clearance.

Travel Arrangements

NTHMP grant-funded and self-funded travelers should make their own arrangements.

NOAA Feds and invitational travelers must wait for notice that NOAA Group Travel has been approved before making airline reservations. Please make hotel room reservations; there is no need to wait for Group Travel approval to do that.

Map of Salt Lake City (TRAX stop, hotel, and meeting location)

Click on small map image for a larger view.

Meeting Support and Logistics Contact

Rocky Lopes, NTHMP Administrator:, phone 301-427-9380

NOAA/National Weather Service
Marine, Tropical, and Tsunami Branch W/AFS26
1325 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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