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2016 NTHMP Summer MES Subcommittee Meeting

Meeting held July 26 - 28, 2016 in Lynnwood, Washington

Page updated September 6, 2016

Where links are shown below, presentations or documents discussed are available.

Meeting Notes and Presentations

Overall MES 2016 Summer Meeting notes

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

NOAA Fast Draw Tsunami Video (English)      NOAA Fast Draw Tsunami Video (Spanish)

Tsunami Preparedness Week Success Stories/Partner Updates
     *  Alaska   Dan Belanger
     *  California   Kevin Miller
     *  Oregon   Althea Rizzo
     *  Puerto Rico   Wilfredo Ramos
     *  U.S. Virgin Islands   Kieran Isidore
     *  NWS Southern Region   Walt Zaleski
        Other reports were provided verbally without powerpoint support

Maritime Guidance document development -- this document was discussed at length. The version for review has been posted to the MES-restricted Basecamp site.
     *  Preparedness & Outreach Goals for Maritime Tsunami Guidance  Kevin Miller
     *  Maritime Tsunami Hazard Preparedness, Response, Mitigation, and Recovery Guidance  Rick Wilson

Basecamp online collaboration platform. Basecamp Cheat Sheet   Gala Gulacsik

NTHMP TsuInfo Alert   Stephanie Earls, Rocky Lopes

Common Media Outreach Opportunities & Strategies Social media/outreach Tiger Team (Discussion/no presentation), Gala Gulacsik, Chayne Sparagowski, & Kevin Miller

HAZUS Tsunami Module Update   Cynthia McCoy, FEMA Region 10

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

International Guidelines for Evacuation Mapping   Laura Kong
Evacuation approaches, vulnerability assessment, and studies   Nate Wood
     *  Alaska Pedestrian Tsunami Evacuation Modeling   Dmitry Nicolsky
     *  Oregon Pedestrian Tsunami Evacuation Modeling   Jon Allan
Vehicular Evacuation Modeling   Kevin Henry, Nate Wood
Visualizing and Accessing Tsunami Pedestrian Evacuation Modeling Results Via the Web   Kevin Henry, Nate Wood

Discuss combining two papers:
     *  MMS: Guidelines and Best Practices for Tsunami Inundation Mapping for Evacuation Planning
     *  MES: Guidelines and Best Practices for Tsunami Evacuation Mapping

The following discussions had no presentations. Consult meeting notes (to come) for more information.
     *  Future direction: Goal of Evacuation Modeling Guidance Paper to be developed in 2018-2023 Strategic Plan
     *  MES Task Development Working Session
     *  What MMS tasks feed into MES tasks?
     *  What does MES need from MMS (and vice-versa)?

     *  Post-Tsunami Protocol Update: Kevin Richards, Laura Kong, & Rick Wilson

EERI School Earthquake Safety Initiative (SESI) Tsunami Subcommittee   Ian Robertson

Thursday, July 28, 2016

American Samoa Microseismic Monitoring Project   Timothy Bodell

Tsunami Messaging Project   Rocky Lopes
     *  Live wiki site
     *  Message Summary 1
     *  Message Summary 2

TsunamiReady Supporter Program   Rocky Lopes

TsunamiReady Tier Two Guidelines   Rocky Lopes

TsunamiReady COMET Training (online)   Rocky Lopes

The following discussions had no presentations. Consult meeting notes (to come) for more information.
     *  2013-2017 NTHMP Strategic Task Review
     *  NTHMP Strategic Plan MES-desired Products/Tasks (2018-2022 initial planning, ahead of Annual Meeting in 2017)

National Tsunami Education and Outreach Plan Update   Christa Rabenold Update   Jason Ballmann
     *  TsunamiZone video (English)      TsunamiZone video (Spanish)
     *  ShakeOut video

Agenda and Attendees

Meeting Agenda
July 26 - 28, 2016

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