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2013 NTHMP Summer MES/MMS Subcommittee Meetings
and Workshop

Attendees and participants


AUGUST 20, 2013 - DAY ONE

Welcome by NTHMP Chair Aimee Devaris

Welcome and Program Overview by Mike Angove    Presentation

TsunamiReady Update and Review

  1. Chris Maier    Presentation
  2. Chris Gregg    Presentation

MES Partner & State Report Out

  1. California    Presentation
  2. Oregon    Presentation
  3. Alaska, CNMI, East Coast, Guam, Gulf Coast, Hawaii, Puerto Rico (no visuals presented)

Update on Tsunami Preparedness Week 2014    TPW 2014 Planning Site

AUGUST 21, 2013 - DAY TWO

Review of 2012 workshop, and 2013 agenda overview

Maritime Planning

  1. Maritime modeling, mapping, and guidance from CA (Wilson)    Presentation
  2. Maritime work in OR (Priest)    Presentation
  3. Maritime forecast product research (Titov)    Presentation

PTHA methods, uses, and building codes

  1. Crescent City and CA demonstration project (Wilson)    Presentation
  2. Crescent City PHTA Project (Gonzalez, LeVeque, Adams)    Presentation
  3. ASCE tsunami loads subcommittee/building code (Chock)    Presentation
  4. Creation of "Tsunami Design Zone (TDZ)" (Wei)    Presentation

Evacuation Planning

  1. Vulnerability and evacuation modeling (Wood)    Presentation
  2. Vertical evacuation: successes and issues (Schelling)    Presentation     Proposed Signage
  3. Evacuation scenario playbooks and FASTER approach (Miller)    Presentation   Draft Playbook

Hazard and risk assessment

  1. Pre- and post-tsunami field teams and instrumentation (Wilson)    Presentation
  2. Post-tsunami field team protocol (Kong)    Presentation
  3. HAZUS module development (Biasco)    Referenced Document
  4. National hazard/risk Assessment (Dunbar/Goldfinger)    Presentation


MMS AND MES Subcommittee Meetings

  1. MES Priorities    Results from discussion
  2. MMS Priorities    Results from discussion

Revisit National Tsunami Education Plan

  1. Public Tsunami Messaging Project       Description and Action Agenda

End of Workshop


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