Stratus, Stratus and more Stratus

Area Forecast Discussion Supplemental Images for December 11, 2014 4 a.m. CST Forecast Issuance

The 11.00z NAM forecast soundings for Des Moines valid at 18z (noon) today. This shows the strong inversion around 925 mb or about 2000 feet which locks in the low level moisture resulting in the low level stratus deck that will plague central Iowa today into tonight.


The 11u-3.9 Satellite Channel (or Fog Product) at 09z (3am) 12/11/204 shows the expansive stratus deck (black) across much of the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Plains.

Here’s the Area Forecast Discussion that these images supplement:

Heat & Humidity/Low Shear-High CAPE – July 22, 2014


Surface map at 0700z July 22, 2014 shows temperatures remaining in the upper 70s and lower 80s with dew points well into the mid-70s.


Computed CAPE from the 22.00z HiRes-ARW-WEST valid at 00z Wednesday 23 July 2014. CAPE values over 4000 J/kg.


The Des Moines Forecast Sounding from the 22.00z NAM valid at 22z Tuesday 22 July 2014. Tremendous CAPE but very little shear present. Sounding has a very strong cap in place +16C 700mb temperature.