Spotter Training – Spring 2017

Severe Storm Spotting classes are underway this spring.  Classes are available for central Iowa communities through the end of April and we hope you’re able to find one near you.  You can find a listing of upcoming classes here: 2017 Spotter Training Schedule.  If you can’t make a class, you can find plenty of storm spotting resources on our homepage. Below is a quick review on the importance of severe storm spotting and the different avenues to report severe weather to the National Weather Service. 

Reporting Severe Weather

Reporting severe weather is essential! Regardless of the reporting method, each report must include the time & location of the event (and direction looking if applicable). Pictures tell a thousand words, but remember to include when and where the weather occurred! If you do send photos, please let us know if you grant permission for us to use them in future spotter talks and outreach presentations.

How to Report:

Online: Use our online weather reporting form! For reporting tornadoes, please use our 1-800-SKYWARN telephone line.

Email: – A great way to include pictures & video.

Text Message: (515)-240-5515 – Text us reports and your phone photos/videos.

Telephone: 1-(800)-SKYWARN – Must have been through severe weather spotter training and belong to a spotter network to use this line! Refer to materials received during spotter training.

Facebook: Visit our Facebook page and post a severe weather report to our wall.

Twitter – Tweet us your reports by including the #iawx or #nwsdmx hashtag or send them directly to @NWSDesMoines.

Amateur Radio – The National Weather Service group amateur radio call-sign is KØDMX.