On This Date in Iowa Weather History: July 31, 1993

1993: During the a summer of extreme rainfall and flooding the statewide average rainfall for July was 10.50 inches making this the wettest month on record in Iowa. Measurable rain fell somewhere in the state on all but two days of the month of July 1993. At Cedar Rapids the total rainfall of 34.4 inches from April through July exceeded their normal amount for the entire year. Des Moines recorded 9.75″ for July 1993, which is 3rd all-time highest for the month of July since records began in 1878. The 1958 and 1907  July’s were higher. Waterloo recorded 11.26″ during July 1993. Up to that point, July 1993 was second wettest July at Waterloo until 1999 came around when 12.82″ accumulated. Records for Waterloo began in 1895 (see charts below).


April-July1993 Precip Accumulated precipitation from April through July 1993.

April-July1993 PrecipDfM Accumulated precipitation departure from mean from the beginning of April to the end of July, 1993.

April-July1993 PrecipPOM Accumulated precipitation percent of mean from April 1 to July 31, 1993.

July1993-PrecipDfM Accumulated precipitation departure from mean during July 1993.

July1993-PrecipJuly 1993 accumulated precipitation.

July1993-PrecipPoMJuly 1993 precipitation percent of mean.