Scout Day at NWS Des Moines

Post by Frank Boksa – Journey Forecaster

We had a record 111 scouts, leaders and parents attend this past Boy Scout Weather Merit Badge Day, which was held at the NWS Des Moines office on February 28. This program was started five years ago and for the last two years, we have had to add two more sessions, bringing the total from four sessions per day to six sessions per day. The course is designed to run through the weather merit badge requirements, talk about careers within the National Weather Service and in the field of meteorology, and provide guidance in the scout’s research assignments. The course does have a quiz at the end which the boys must pass in order to be signed off on the requirements covered in the session.

IMG_0180Forecaster Kenny Podrazik explains severe weather operations to the Boy Scouts.

IMG_0170Meteorologist Intern Kevin Skow (not pictured), discusses thunderstorm development.

IMG_0173Forecaster Frank Boksa covers the different types of careers in meteorology.

IMG_0183Senior Forecaster Brad Small answers some very challenging questions from the Scouts.