NWS Des Moines Hosts Decision Support Services Partner Seminar

Post by Mindy Beerends – Journey Forecaster

NWS Des Moines hosted several Decision Support Services Partner Seminars this past November to January. The seminars were for core partners located in central Iowa including local officials from area schools, healthcare, public works, the Iowa Department of Transportation and the Iowa State Patrol. The workshop focused on strengthening our partnerships and further discussing how to better work together during hazardous weather situations.

Decision Support Services (DSS) consist of the NWS Des Moines becoming part of a team of decision makers and providing concise interpretation of weather data in a fast, reliable and accurate manner to the core partners such as these local officials. The primary goal of DSS is to provide focused support to decision makers for significant hazardous weather events.

Communication is an integral part of being prepared and mitigating effects of significant hazardous weather. Therefore the seminars focused on communication and services discussing current DSS activities here at the office and highlighted the ways for our core partners to access information. Included in the seminars were discussions with, and feedback from the local officials on how our office can best serve their informational needs regarding significant hazardous weather situations. These exchanges were beneficial for both sides as the officials found new ways to access important weather information needed for their operations and the NWS learned of what types of weather scenarios most impacted each entity.

As the National Weather Service and the NWS Des Moines office continue to grow the DSS program, learning about the hazards that impact our core partners and being able to help them plan and prepare for these scenarios is one of the keys to successful disaster mitigation and helps build a Weather-Ready Nation!

DSS Seminar

DSS Seminar2