Iowa Winter Weather Awareness Day – November 6, 2014

Iowa Winter Weather Awareness Day is set for Thursday, November 6, 2014.  What does this mean for Iowans? Other than winter is knocking on our doorstep, it’s a good time to dust off and replenish your emergency winter supply kit, for your home and  your vehicle, in the case of a major winter storm.   Iowa Winter Weather Awareness Day is also a great opportunity to refresh your memory on the different National Weather Service winter weather products that we issue.  It is highly important to know the difference between a winter storm watch and winter storm warning and what you should do to prepare you and your family when one of these products are issued.   We will also discuss the many other products issued to handle winter weather such as blizzards and ice storms and how you should prepare.   For all your preparedness/awareness  information, visit our website: You can also find some great preparedness information on the Iowa Homeland Security & Emergency Management website:

See our related news release.

So on November 6, find us on social media (Twitter and Facebook) to heighten your winter weather awareness for the upcoming 2014-15 winter. You never know, you may learn something! And don’t be shy, we love questions! Follow along using the hashtag: #IWWAD