A Look Inside the DMX WSR-88D Radar

Here are some photos taken from inside the Des Moines (DMX) WSR-88D Doppler Radar.

Radome-07292014 (1)

Radome-07292014 (2)

View looking down the steps from inside the dome of the radar. To the base of the radar is 100 feet and the dome itself if 24 feet tall.

Radome-07292014 (3)

The back of the radar dish and the inside of the large “soccer ball” you see from the road. The “soccer ball” is to protect the radar the weather elements.

Radome-07292014 (4)

On the backside of the radar dish, weights are needed for balancing. Also pictured here is the dual-pol AME (antenna mounted equipment) attached to the side of one of the arms holding the dish.


The transmitter part of dual-pol.