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Executive Office of the President of the United States seal National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program

NTHMP Mapping and Modeling Subcommittee (MMS)
Membership List - December 2014

The Mapping and Modeling Subcommittee (MMS) is comprised of 12 members representing the regions of the NTHMP Coordinating Committee and two NOAA representatives, one from a Tsunami Warning Center (TWC). The subcommittee will have two chairs drawn from the body of the MMS, serving for two years. One chair will be from NOAA. To ensure continuity of effort, rotation of Chairs is offset by one year. State membership is the Scientific Member from each of the NTHMP regions of the Coordinating Committee: (Alaska, American Samoa, California, East Coast States, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Gulf Coast States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Oregon, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Washington).

NOAA Representatives (2)
Marie C Eble, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Kara Gately, National Tsunami Warning Center, Co-Chair

Science Member from each region of the Coordinating Committee:
Rick Wilson, California/Co-chair
George Priest, Oregon
Jim Kirby (Stephan Grilli alternate), Atlantic / East Coast States
Juan Horrillo, Gulf Coast States
Kwok Fai Cheung, Hawaii
Tim Walsh, Washington
Dmitry Nicolsky, Alaska
Victor Huerfano, Puerto Rico (Aurelio Mercado alternate)
Roy Watlington, U.S. Virgin Islands
Elinor Lutu-McMoore, American Samoa
Juan Camacho, CNMI
Chip Guard, Guam
Stephanie Ross, USGS



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