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Executive Office of the President of the United States seal National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program

Mapping and Modeling Subcommittee

The Mapping and Modeling Subcommittee works toward the production of tsunami inundation maps for use in community planning.  The maps are based on numerical tsunami forecast models, standardized data archives, and the understanding of historical tsunami events.

NTHMP Inundation Modeling Guidelines

MMS Terms of Reference

MMS Membership

MMS Meetings

MMS Benchmarking Actions

Important Information 

Benchmarked Tsunami Models (As of February 25, 2014)

Proceedings and results of the 2011 NTHMP Model Benchmarking Workshop (July, 2012)

NTHMP DEM Portal (completed and planed DEMs)

DEM Discovery Portal

NOAA Tsunami Forecast DEM Project

Benchmark Methods for Tsunami Model Validation and Verification

NTHMP DEM Priority List

NTHMP Inundation Products List




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